Constitution and Democracy Course

As provided for by Article 128 of Law 30 of 1992, which developed Article 41 of the Colombian Political Constitution, and according to the guidelines established by agreements 35 and 38 of the University's Academic Council (March and April 2000), as of June 2000, teaching of the Colombian Constitution was implemented at the University, by way of the “Constitution and Democracy” DERE 1300 course, the passing of which is a requisite to be eligible for all undergraduate degrees.

Said course is of mandatory nature for all Universidad de los Andes undergraduate students, except for Law School students, who, given their discipline, delve deeper into this topic via their mandatory subjects.

DERE 1300 Constitution and Democracy

(3 credits)

This course constitutes a general University policy that corresponds to the constitutional mandate for teaching the Constitution (Article 41), whose core mission is to strengthen the critical knowledge and ability to take action within students, in keeping with the values that they must possess as citizens for exercising their rights and duties responsibly. At the end of the course, students are expected to acquire the knowledge and reflection ability necessary, which will allow them to qualify their intervention as citizens, by giving them the tools that enable them to understand: the relationship between state, lawfulness, and society; the techniques, purposes and opportunities to claim individual and collective rights responsibly; the techniques, limits and opportunities of citizen participation in politics; and the minimum legal and political frameworks typical of responsible practice of a profession.