BIOL-3101 Molecular Genetics Eukaryotes - Laboratory

This practical course examines the basic cell processes from an experimental perspective. The objective of the laboratory is for students to reinforce the subjects learned in introductory courses on Molecular Biology, through experiments of varied complexity. The course dwells on molecular biology of eukaryotic cells from three different viewpoints: the first part develops skills to analyze the variability of a population at molecular level, the second part studies the changes that can occur in a genome through transposons and analyzes with experiments how to detect them and use them as a tool in modern molecular genetics. In the third part, students research posttranscriptional processes such as silencing, which is very complex in eukaryotic cells. In summary, this course complements very well the co-requirement of Molecular Genetics of Eukaryotic Theory.




Reyes Caldas Paola