Journalism Option


  • The Journalism Option is a platform that strengthens the work of the Journalism Study Center, CEPER, and consolidates the construction of bases for the creation of the future Master’s Program in Journalism, which is currently being designed by this Center.
  • The Journalism Option is offered to all undergraduate students of the University who are interested in the trade of producing quality information for the media as an additional tool in their professional training.
  • The Journalism Option contemplates two levels of training, one theoretic and one practical, due to the nature of this discipline. Both are included in most of the courses they consist of and in the curricular structure of this Option.


This Option intends, first of all, for students to understand the political, social and cultural action of journalism through concepts used to analyze the media and journalism; and second, train them in the narrative practices of journalistic production with concentration on written mediums.

Program Structure

It consists of two mandatory and elective courses, which must add up to 15 credits to meet the requirements of this Option. The requirement is to enroll and pass: The two (2) mandatory courses (6 credits) and three (3) elective courses (9 credits); the latter are chosen from the four electives that are offered. Once these requirements are met, students can apply for recognition of the Journalism Option, which will appear as part of their undergraduate degree and/or on their graduation certificate.


Cursos Obligatorios





Cursos Electivos

PERI-1003BCultural journalism


PERI-1007BFicciones Mediáticas: El Periodismo en el Cine, la Televisión y la Literatura


PERI-1008ADe Grecia a Internet: Medios e Ideas Periodísticas


PERI-1009BColombia: Relatos de la Nación Periodística


PERI-1010BPeriodismo en Campo




PERI-1002BJournalism and writing


In order to apply for recognition of the Journalism Option, students must take the 15 required credits during their undergraduate studies and report the Option to be included in the Graduation Resolution and/or the degree they will receive.

Further information:

 Contact: Gloria Urrego Ext. 2135

Contact Position: Coordinación CEPER- Especialización en Periodismo

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