ARQU-1225A La Historia de Una Casa


The idea of dwelling is as old as man itself, and since time immemorial man has always had a home, which, throughout history, and according to social and cultural change has acquired its particular characteristics. These characteristics make reference to the realm of the domestic life.

Today, nearly all of us have a home or house in which we act out a large part of our life, wherein our dreams are present as well as our realities; the space of the home is fundamental for the human being.  In it he has placed a large sum of his desires, becoming a part of his being; an extension and mirror of his way of understanding and inhabiting the world.

The house has two dimensions: spiritual and physical. The first dimension makes reference to the way in which we qualify space, giving it meaning. It is the existential space where memory finds shelter or as pronounced by Martin Heidegger “Language is the house of being, in its home man dwells”. The second dimension refers to the physical existence of the house: its tangible form and materialness which has been moulded throughput western history simultaneous to man’s dwelling on Earth. “Building is dwelling”.

This course presents the study of the theoretical and material dimensions of the house in western history; a study which can enable us to possibly build and explanation of how time and space has modified the architecture and ideas regarding this powerful microcosm we call house.