ARQU-1226A Historia de las Proporciones entre el Arte y la Arquitectura


The course is presented as a “Humanities Course” in which the technical work, ethics, aesthetics and logic are connected through the subject of proportion.

Initially, the idea of proportion is studied in regard to different orders or systems of relations present in nature. These orders are not only formal but meaningful and have been used throughout history not only in art and architecture, but in science and philosophy. In fact, the notion of proportion that gives in the classical world to geometry, music and architecture is valid in the modern world albeit having a contemporary interpretation is very different.

The general idea of the course is understanding the notion of proportion not so much as a formal and aesthetical matter, but an issue of meaning and significance which, giving form to the technical enterprise of mankind, brings us closer to comprehending the logical, ethical and aesthetical links that determine it. It is through this approach that we come near an ample and universal idea of architecture unavoidably connected to all knowledge, the experience of which creates a better environment and well-being.




Anzellini Fajardo Stefano