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Roberto Zarama Urdaneta


This course main objective is the students understanding of the relationship between technology and society, questioning the myths and naturalized views on this subject. At the same time,  students are  invited to awaken their curiosity towards an innovative perspective in the understanding of  the relationship between technology and society in their professional fie.

Specifically, the course addresses the case of the insertion of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in higher education, its relevance, and effectiveness. The case analysis is centered on Colombia and the dilemmas of such technology on Colombians higher education.


Javier Andrés Jiménez Becerra

CBPC-1086 Technology and Globalization

Contemporary scientific and technological developments are seen as closely related to globalization. In this course, we purport to question certain crucial moments in recent history relating technological developments associated with colonial practices. We seek to keep a view on local and global processes and their interrelations. Students are introduced to Latin American and Colombian examples and how these cases are related to global socio-economic structures.

We look for the student to treat critically the aforementioned elements. We expect that they incorporate them in their reflections and argumentative essays, in such a way as to incorporate these capacities into their future professional practices. 

We expect the student to develop an integrative way of thinking, as well as a critical approach at notions such as technology, development, coloniality and modernity.


Ernesto Lleras Manrique

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