ICYA-4803 Transportation Planning

Why are some transportation plans implemented? But why do the majority of those plans just decorate bookshelves? What role do technicians play in the planning process? How can technicians have an influence on a technical and political process such as planning? How does a democratic society make collective decisions? This course will attempt to give a response to these questions by analyzing case studies, both Colombian and foreign. In addition, the course will look at recent developments in decision-making theory, and developments in the theories on design, analysis, and implementation of transportation plans. The basic objective is to understand the determining factors that lead to the implementation of a plan and lead to the plan meeting its objectives. The course has other objectives such as improving the student’s analytical capacity, his oral and written expression, and his tolerance for the ideas of others.

This course offers a complete overview of transportation planning, divided in 5 modules: 1. The transportation process; 2. Integrated planning; 3. Models in planning; 4. Urban transportation soutions; 5. Transportation project evaluation.



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