LITE-1554A Emotion and Literature

By borrowing the title of Jenefer Robinson’s book, this course attempts to analyze the place and the treatment given to emotions in classic works of world literature. As the central topic of many pieces, emotion becomes the theme of the narrations on which we will focus this semester. The analysis will concentrate on decoding the way characters are constructed – destroyed while chasing after their emotions. At the same time, it will attempt to disentangle the position of each period regarding moods reflected in the pieces themselves. Students will read Medea by Euripides or Seneca, Shakespeare’s Othello, parts of Enchiridion by Epictetus, a selection of rhymes by Becquer, a part of the Iliad, De Ira (On Anger) by Seneca and Memories of Adriano by Yourcenar.




Lozano Vasquez Andrea