Civil and Environmental Engineering Department

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering strives to provide students with a solid conceptual education as to the basic topics of physical sciences and their technical application in solving problems. The program strengthens the student's ability to assume the updating process indispensable to his/her future professional development. This is complemented with a wide humanistic training that allows understanding and committing to society. The alumni are expected to contribute to the country's development by providing innovative inputs based on sustainable growth.

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering has two undergraduate courses whereby the student is granted the degrees of Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering. The Department also offers specialization programs, master's degree and doctoral programs of national and international renown. The support to undergraduate and postgraduate education is complemented with an important academic structure including research centers, teaching, research and industrial labs.

Academic Programs:


  • Environmental Engineering
  • Civil Engineering


  • Specialization in Urban Water Systems Engineering
  • Specialization in Integrated Environment Management


  • Área de profundización en Ingeniería Civil