Industrial Engineering Department

The Department of Industrial Engineering is recognized both nationally and internationally, for its commitment to academic and research excellency. Its publications and participation in foreign events, place it within the standards of an international school of industrial engineering

It is a highly competitive unit that distinguishes itself by its diversity and by adopting academic global patterns and making emphasis on the usage of advanced technology. Its academic atmosphere stimulates innovation and favors the education of corporate leaders capable of identifying and solving organizational problems, tuned up permanently with the needs of the country and the region through the construction and use of mathematical and systemic advanced models.

The Department offers undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs, as well as specializations and courses of continuing education in different areas of Industrial Engineering.

Our professors carry out research projects in different areas that contribute with the generation of universal, social and individually new knowledge.

In recent years, the Department has carried out a process to guide its efforts and become a research unit where students have close contact with teaching teams who are guided by Graduates, Associates or Assistants, and who have support of instructors, chair professors, doctorate students, graduated assistants and monitors for their work.

The Department of Industrial Engineering, hopes to become a research unit that incorporates, through its academic programs and projects, the generation of universal, social and individually new knowledge. For this purpose it articulates programs´development around work guidelines of research groups, where professors from the Department participate.

Industrial Engineering at Universidad de Los Andes, is an engineering that has an interdisciplinary nature and finds its working field in the analysis, synthesis, design, creation, evaluation and control and optimum management of systems that transform goods and services so as to adequately use human, technical, material, economic and information resources in said systems, . Through a correct application of engineering tools and findings in social sciences, it mainly aims at improving organizational management and promotion of the common welfare, contributing to illustrate and enrich the decision making process, thus facilitating goal achievement which leads to benefit organizations or systems that are being study Objectives, as well as the persons that conform it, users of beneficiaries and the social community in general.

An industrial engineer from Universidad de Los Andes applies basic and social sciences, methods and own tools of engineering and transformation techniques in the creation of new companies and the search of feasible solutions to problems within the organization.



  • Industrial Engineering

Masters Degree Programs

  • Masters Degree program in Industrial Engineering


  • In engineering


  • In Organizational Control and Management Systems – ESICO
  • In Organizational Information Systems – ESIO
  • In Management of Telecommunication Companies – GERTEL

Some programs are offered jointly with other Departments and/or Schools. In the Regulation Masters Degree Program, the Civil Engineering Department and Electric Engineering participate. In the Specialization of Organizational Information Systems, the Department of IT Engineering participate, and in the Specialization of Management of Telecommunication Companies, the Schools of Management and Law participate.

Some research areas within the Department are developed through groups that are recognized by their academic production: Advanced Optimization and Applied Probability-COPA-, Organizational Systems Theory -TESO- and Production and Logistics – PYLO.

In addition to the education of undergraduate students at the University, the Department offers academic options in: Industrial Production Management, Applied Mathematics and cleaner production. The Applied Mathematics option is offered jointly with the Department of Mathematics.