IBIO-3680 Design Project 1

This is a design course and it is based on a project. Students, through the logic of design thinking, will address and develop a solution to a health issue from a biomedical engineering perspective. This course is part of the Design Project 1 and 2 sequence. During the first part, the students will identify a health need, will develop a clear need statement, will investigate existing solutions, will analyze the stakeholders affected by their solution, get an idea of the market opportunity, will develop a value proposition and will propose a solution in order to address the need. At the end of the semester, students must have  conducted an experiment to validate the feasibility of their proposed solution, also known as a ‘killer’ experiment. The success of this experiment will enable the students to continue the development in the following course of Design Project II.



Periodo en el que se ofrece el curso

201810 - 201820

Idioma en el que se ofrece el curso