ICYA-4415 Seismic Engineering

The objective of the course is to establish the basis and fundamentals about the origin and evolution of the seismic phenomena, its characterization, its modeling process, the seismic hazard assessment and future possible effects on the exposed mad-made infrastructure and natural formations near the surface level. Fundamental concepts about the probabilistic seismic hazard  assessment, secondary hazard effects such as soil vibration, liquefaction, landslides, volcanic eruptions and the basics of seismic risk assessments will be covered by the course. At the end of the course the student will have the ability to understand all the basic concepts of earthquake engineering, perform seismic hazard and risk models and apply the methodological approaches related to seismic analysis and design of structures with application to other graduate course such as Structural Design, Dynamics of Structures, Soil Dynamics, Soil Structure Interaction and other related topics. In addition the student will be in a position to develop basic research in the field of earthquake engineering through more refined models and theories which conform the state of the art of the study of Earth Science from the engineering perspective.



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