LENG-1704 Portugues 4

The main objective of this course is to promote linguistic self-sufficiency for students to be able to act and use the language to their benefit in any context. In order to do so, we continue to work on the lexico-grammatical contents that have not been covered in previous level, incorporating them in the activities carried out in class and homework. In addition, the course continues to teach Portuguese integrating the four linguistic skills (oral comprehension, oral production, reading and writing) with the objective to use the language properly to acquire the certificate of language proficiency in Portuguese. Like in Portuguese 3, students take oral and written practice tests and are instructed on the objective and criteria of correcting them in order to acquire the tools necessary to prepare for said test. The course also encourages the use of the language for research using the different mediums available at present. At the end, students receive a basic notion of Brazilian Literature, where texts by certain authors are examined, which also serves as the basis to continue working on lexico-grammatical and phonetic aspects, inserted in the historical-cultural context to make future contact with Brazil and Brazilian society a success.



Periodo en el que se ofrece el curso