LENG-1901 Introducción a los Lenguajes y Estudios Socioculturales

This introductory course conducts an initial exploration of the theoretic and methodological framework of socio-cultural studies. Without defining them beforehand, we will explain the course as an interrogation about the constitutive and implicit bases that would characterize rather than a particular discipline of social sciences of humanities, an intellectual project based on transdisciplinary concerns regarding culture and power. So the course attempts to introduce students in the fundamental chapters of the intellectual history of this project, the contexts in which these questions emerged, as well as some of the problems on which it has focused throughout its existence. In short, the course is considered the initial introduction of the theoretic and methodological tools of this intellectual project that are conclusive factors to be able to distinguish it from other disciplines and styles of intellectual work. But on the other hand, to outline the critical approaches of the present as well as the research agenda from the beginning of university studies that are relevant and urgent for Colombia.