MATE-1212 Matemáticas I (Biología - Medicina)

Function. Function graphs. Quadratic functions. Operations in functions. Inverse functions. Polynomials and rational functions. Exponential, logarithmic and trigonometric functions. Logarithmic scales. Graph transformations. Vertical and horizontal translating. Tangent and velocity problems. Limit of a function. Limit. Continuity. Limits at infinity. Tangents, velocities and other change rates. Derivatives. Derived function. Isolating Power Product and quotient rules Derivatives in natural and social sciences. Derivatives of trigonometric functions. Chain rule. Derivatives of a higher order. Implicit differentiation. Mean value theorem. Antiderivatives. Areas and distances. Definite integral. Fundamental theorem of calculus. Indefinite integral. Rule of substitution. Logarithm as an integral. Areas between curves. Mean value of a function. Integration by parts.




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