MATE-1507 Matemáticas II (Biología - Medicina)

Linear equation systems. Matrices. Addition and multiplication of matrices. Inverse of a matrix. Determinant. Descriptive Statistics: basic terms, measures of central tendency and dispersion. Descriptive analysis, Pareto graphs, estograms, graph interpretation, bivariate data. Discrete mathematics: Sets, set operations, counting. Basic principles of counting. Permutations. Combinations. Relations, equivalence relation, partitions, binomial coefficient. Functions: pigeonhole principle, composition, symmetry. Probability: Introduction to probability, definition of event, probability function, probability function rules, mutually exclusive events, independent events, conditional probability, Bayes´ rule, discrete random variables, binomial distributions, geometrics and Poisson. Expected value, variance and standard deviation of discrete distributions, continuous distributions: normal, uniform and exponential. Tools of Statistics. Confidence intervals. Linear regression.