MUSI-1204 Capitalism and Entrepreneurship in the Global Economy

Logic of the functional system. Functioning of the Phrygian mode. Phrygian mode in the upper voice. Typical harmonization. Phrygian mode in bass. Typical harmonization. Other examples. Phrygian mode in cadence. Diatonic sequences. Melodic sequences. Harmonic sequences. Functional relationship in the motif. Sequences with triads. Key changes or transpositions. Chords with parallel sixths. Motifs with seventh and triad chords. Motifs with two seventh chords. Parallel chords. One-chord motifs, with a complete phrase. Other chords with the seventh without dominant function. Seventh chord over first degree. Seventh chord over third degree. Seventh chord over sub dominant. Seventh chord over fifth degree in minor mode. Seventh chord over sixth degree. Dominant of the dominant in cadence. Introduction. DD chord group. Role of the DD. Preparation. Resolution in D or through K6/4




Garcia Marcela