MUSI-1205 Sustainable Business Models

Simple rhythms, first and second divisions of units of time and their variables. Offbeat, syncopation, and anacrusis. Synchronization. Intonation of melodies: one and two voices, with piano accompaniment, in three clefs, in all the keys, by steps and intervals over the triads from the main functions. Recognizing and writing once voice melodies. Simple intervals up to the 8th, tritone in harmonic and melodic modes. Major and minor keys: Intonation in ascending and descending scales naming the alterations and the stable and unstable degrees with resolution, construction and intonation of intervals, with tonal reference, melodic modes, tonic, sub dominant, and dominant triads with their inversions. Harmonic scales. Recognition and writing major, augmented, minor, and diminished triads in the root position, inversions, tonic, subdominant, and dominant triads in major and minor keys, in root position and inversions. Harmonic scales.




Sanchez Bernal Catalina