MUSI-2213 Morfología II

Compound binary and ternary forms. "Operatic" and binary Arias. Overture and slow movements. Da capo aria. Variants on the internal structure in section As. The Rondo. Precedents, structure, tonal schemes. Simple classic rondo. Sonata form I. Precedents, baroque sonatas. Tonal schemes. The Exposition. Themes or groups? Types of bridges. Sonata form II. Development section. Materials, procedures, resources. The Recapitulation. Sonata form in works for piano, quartets, and symphonic works. Rondo-Sonata. Classical and romantic works. Baroque concerts: Concert for instrumental soloists and Concerto Grosso. Sectional and tonal treatment. Counterpoint resources. Classic concert: forms of the first and third movement. Movement. Other counterpoint instrumental forms. typical forms and others in the music of the twentieth century. Arch and wedge forms. Golden section.