ARQU-2103 Proyecto Lugar


This course studies the link between place and the architectural project. The natural or urban place make up the places for architectural intervention where students in the formative cycle of the architecture programme must put forwards architectural solutions to different project exercises. The Studio also aims to weave learning networks between students of differing semesters with the aim of complementing the skills, wisdom and knowledge that can be obtained through the course.

Additionally, the course evidences the importance of place in the development of architecture projects through the understanding of the variables that shape, give form and determine the links between the project and the place. A triad of inseparable elements - place, tectonics and dwelling  is put forward in this course. The exercises developed during the course are based on the thorough understanding of the variables of such triad, which are wholly integrated in the final exercise.

The methodological proposal of the course states that students should generate their architectural projects based on analysis of place. Such strategy evidences the importance of a clear analysis and the exercises are part of a whole that is developed in a continuous way, encouraging the use of systematic design techniques. This workshop introduces the notions of morphology and typology, seen as design instruments that allow the architect to make a rational intervention in the city, attending simultaneously to factors of use and technical aspects as well as the pre-existing conditions of the place.



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