ARQU-2310 Sistemas de Soporte


The course undertakes the study of technique in architecture regarding the structural systems and the unavoidable link to the architecture Project. The outset and definition of space cannot be separated from its technical responsibility, and from this perspective, structure is presented as the organizing principle that enables the materialization of the project and integrates the elements that conform a building.

The emphasis of this course is centred around the conceptual understanding of architecture as a skill of an analytical and purposeful nature, which this course builds upon. The main aim is to understand the structural system as a fundamental piece of the building and as the organizer of space and giver of architectural form, having the purpose of positing a scheme which guarantees, among others, the security and stability of an edifice. The problem of structure is not exclusive to the engineer, but is also the architect’s responsibility since project decision imply in many ways the choosing of a structural system, a material and a constructive process.

By the end of the course, the student must have the aptitude of suggesting a structural solution, choosing rationally between the elements and basic systems of configuration that allows him to integrate in his architectural proposition, the adequate supports, floor and roofing which guarantee the transmission of loads, rigidity of the structure and resistance in any building. To achieve this, the student is shown basic concepts and is then confronted, during practical sessions, with the resolution of problems.

As basic concepts of idea, dimension and layout of the structural system are grasped, technical thinking becomes a new source of idea and argument and not a straitjacket for architectural thinking and Project developing.




Parra Garcia Niñolas

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