CIDE-5106 Economia y Finanzas Publicas

The main purpose of the Public Finances is the study of the public sector as a receiver of financial resources and subsequent investor of them, trying to determine the method of State to reach its goals through the management of budgetary expenditure. In general, the possibilities for the study of the State finances is determined by the social interpretation of the State, its functions, and its objectives. This course addresses this topic from an interdisciplinary perspective, because even though Public Finances are an autonomous discipline, they include and use tools that belong to economic science, public administration, law, and political science. The idea of this course is to maintain an equilibrium between the theory and its application to the Colombian case, specifying the different normative conceptions that support the different positions regarding this issue. The main axis of this course is (illegible in the original) the group of public decisions that determine the income and expenditure of the State, and the mutual relation between them (Corona & Díaz, 2000). From this point of view, it is very important the study of the financial institutions that receive financial decisions from the States: Budget and taxation, from the national and territorial point of view and their influence in the behavior of the economy.




Caicedo Cuervo Carlos