FILO-1220B Indian Philosophy

The course is based on some sections of the third and fourth books of the Vasishta Yoga, one of the classic texts of the advait tradition, which is impossible to access through the text exegesis philosophical manner. The text itself suggests means of access that are not merely rational, but which are supported on intuition and on experience itself. Its peculiar style filled with metaphors, resemblances, narratives and the constant revisiting of the same issues from different perspectives will undoubtedly provide us with a new way of seeing and conceiving the world. Likewise, the course seeks to clarify notions such as Brahman, Maya, Ahamkara, Moksha, Atman, Jiva, karma, samsara, vasanas, atmavidya, prana, chakras.




Cepeña Diaz Granados Margarita