HIST-1101 Introduction I: Problems of Historical Knowledge

In this course, there is an emphasis in the history of history. The objective is to present and discuss the topics that comprise the basic culture of an historian today and in this country. The program is divided into three alternating blocs. The first is a panoramic view of the most remarkable moments of the writing of Western History. The second, with a similar approach, is related to writing of history in the American continent and Colombia. The third is a workshop of history writing lasting five weeks, along with the elaboration of a final essay. Thus, this is not a program focused on the facts of history but on its writing, and its emphasis is on history understood more as a contemporary writing genre of philosophy and literature, than as a social science. Its tradition dates back thousands of years, and many of the fundamentals that are part of the culture of a historian are the legacy inherited from many centuries ago. We will study notions such as chronicles, historical narration, historical critiques, sources, historicism, and New History, all of them encompassed in a historical vision of the writing of history.