HIST-6001 Project Tutorial II

In Tutorial Project I and in Tutorial Project II, under the supervision of the tutor, the student works and prepares a work scheme that allows him/her to prepare the research project considering that by the end of three semesters, the final version of the project must be defended before an evaluation committee. During the first two semesters of the tutorial work, the student must progress in the following aspects: Problem and question definition, interpretive apparatus elaboration (theoretic- methodological) and its approach, sources and data definition and organization. These three aspects should be compiled in a preliminary research project version. It is recommended to follow the CESO research project presentation format, to establish the schedule and expected progress during the period. The definition of specific objectives and expected results are responsibility both of the professor and the student. The work proposal must be submitted by the student, endorsed by the professor, before the Graduate Studies Committee for its approval, at the beginning of each semester. At the end of the semester, the professor must submit a report on the student’s progress during that time period.




Fazio Vengoa Hugo