ICYA-3501 Calidad del Aire y Meteorologia

This course covers a wide variety of subjects including an historical perspective of the air pollution problem, basic concepts and definitions regarding air pollution, atmospheric transformations, air pollutants classification, criteria pollutants, health and environmental effects, particulate matter, concentration units, ideal gas law, environmental law, air quality standards, air pollution in Bogota: a case study, air pollutant emission inventories, mobile and stationary sources, biogenic sources, AP-42 and IVE methodologies, the internal combustion engine, Otto and Diesel cycles, incomplete combustion, fuels: natural gas vs. gasoline vs. diesel, the catalytic converter, climate change: sources and implications, the stratospheric ozone layer, Kyoto and Montreal protocols, atmospheric chemistry and physics, temperature profiles, the wind rose, atmospheric stability, emissions
control technologies and Gaussian dispersion model.



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