Humanities and Literature Department

The Humanities and Literature Department is made up of various academic concentrations: the humanistic area, the Spanish area, the Theatre group, and Literature as such.

The Humanistics area is actively involved in the various stages of the Uniandes Basic Cycle, which all students must take and which is aimed at encouraging reflection on ethic, social and cultural issues that have been addressed in classic universal literature pieces, allowing to establish parallels among the past, the present and the national reality.

The Spanish area responds to the University academic excellence Objectives and is responsible for the different sections of the course "Think, read and write in Spanish", which is to be taken by students who have not exceeded a score of 60 points in the language section of the State exam. With the aim of achieving the students´ active participation, the program was designed with the cooperation of LIDIE (Research and Development Laboratory on Education Informatics).