Music Department

The Music Department was founded in 1990. It offers students an undergraduate program, with five different concentrations: Composition, Theory, Choir Direction, Instrument and Audio Production. It features a Program for children and adolescents, directed to elementary and high school students.

Professors, besides their teaching duties, are in charge of conducting research on the fields of recovery of musical heritage, music theory and analysis, and development of new technologies on teaching and artistic production for composition and instruments.

The Music Department raises humanist and aesthetic awareness, through reflection and critical analysis as fundamentals for research and creative activity, which permits a rigorous capacity building in all of its disciplines, and the development of techniques, skills, and abilities that support creative impact processes within society.

This objective is reflected in its mission, which is the education of professional musicians with excellent academic level, able to develop their interests through the use of analysis, research, creation, production or musical interpretation, from a wide humanist, theoretical and technical perspective. Its foundation will permit a continuous learning process and a better development of their skills and aptitudes, as well as their capacities to convey and expand their knowledge in the different areas of music.