HART 1118A Art and Travel

This course proposes a chronological, visual and conceptual tour through the cultural importance that travelling has both in European and American Art History and the way that voyages have been traditionally represented in western culture. Beginning with the pilgrimage in the Middle Ages, through the Renaissance and its fascination with the Antique, the course focuses on the main historical and cultural events that created a modern notion of travelling. The course then continues by emphasizing episodes of the History of Art between the XVIIth and the XXth century and the interest of artists in representing voyages through different genres such as history painting, landscape and portraiture. Various cultural episodeslike the Grand Tour, botanical expeditions, the use of landscape to build the idea of modern nations, the search for the exotic in the XIXth century, Orientalism and “plein air” painting at the end of the XIXth century, will be studied. The relationship between art and travel during modern times is dynamic and proves the need to study it in order to understand one aspect or viewpoint of modernity and its Art History. This course also encourages the study of exchanges between Europe and Latin America, specially during the XIXth and XXth centuries.



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