ISIS 4827 Scientific Computing & Visualization

In the past decade, Scientific Computing has supplemented or replaced traditional scientific workflows to address modeling, design, and optimization problems across a wide range of scientific and engineering domains. Analysis of and insight into the enormous amount of data produced by modern numerical experiments in this context mandates the use of sophisticated visualization and data analysis techniques. The present course is aimed at providing students with a solid understanding of, and practical competence in, the area of interactive visual data analysis. In addition to an introduction into the theoretical framework of visualization and ready-to-use tools, a particular focus of study is on the programmatic generation of visualization tailored to specific problems. Last, the course will introduce students to the efficient visualization of large datasets through parallel programming and other techniques. This course explore the elements of high performance scientific computing and visualization. Students will obtain hands-on experience in: 1) Formulating a mathematical model to describe a physical phenomenon 2) Discretizing the model 3) Designing/analyzing algorithms efficiently on parallel computers 4) Performing a computer experiment by executing the program 5) Visualizing simulation data in an immersive and interactive virtual environment 6) Managing/mining large datasets.



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