LENG 6994 Ingles Doctorados 4

IPD 4 develops central academic writing genres of relevance to PhD students, supporting the construction and presentation of academic publications and their subsections: introductions, methodologies, results, and discussions. By critically analyzing oral and written discourse passages from their fields (genre analysis), students will notice textual features of each genre, which in turn are to be developed into personal strategies in the students’ own production, both in writing and speech. This comparative study will also foster other relevant academic skills: paraphrasing, citation, giving presentations, leading and participating in discussions, understanding and reacting to spoken English, understanding standard and non-standard language usage choices, and analytical reading skills. Finally, personal language usage and vocabulary choices will be compared to traditional standards to further support an appropriately academic English language production.



Periodo en el que se ofrece el curso

201810 - 201820

Idioma en el que se ofrece el curso