ANTR-1201 Fundamentals of archaeology

The temporal depth handled by archaeology places this academic discipline in a preferential location among historic and social sciences to tackle the biological, social and cultural development of the human race, which are its main concern. This course attempts to familiarize students with the fundamental aspects of current archeological theory and practice based on the critical reading of the history of western thought regarding the past. The main objective is to provide the theoretic bases of the discipline and situate them in the historic context, as well as introduce some of the principal debates, tendencies and current problems. In addition, the course provides an introduction to the main field research methods and techniques in archaeology and the role of archeologists in the creation and handling of collections and exhibitions in museums. Last but not least, it covers the ethical aspects of the different spheres of professional activity in archaeology. The theoretic-methodological training of this course includes a field practice and a guided tour of one of the city’s archeological museums. In order to complement the practical aspects of this training, the University provides opportunities for field and laboratory practice in research projects under the responsibility of the department’s researchers.




Herrera Wassilowsky Alexander