CIDE-5310 State and Development

Humans, as opposed to other beings, have the possibility and the need to make, with a greater or lesser degree of freedom and autonomy, decisions which can affect them or others in a positive or negative manner. These decisions are based on criteria which, ultimately, point to a path to achieving what is "good" But, what is good and what isn’t? That, precisely, is the problem tackled by Ethics, which takes on greater importance today in human organizations whose decisions in many cases define the situation of those who are a part of them or their surroundings. Now, the behavior of each person, as individuals or as members of an organization, reflect an ethical position vis-à-vis themselves and others, this position seen in respect to other human beings refers to what has been called Social Responsibility. Development, for its part, as a process of human betterment, followed by a more or less wide degree of freedom by those who are a part of a society, entails ethical decisions and responsible behaviors. These three elements configure a triangle which articulates the basic elements in this course.




Vargas Gonzalo