DERE-3606 Philip C.Jessup - Moot Court Seminar

Jessup Moot Court simulates a judicial process on international responsibility between two fictitious States, as if it were held at the International Court of Justice of The Hague, the main judicial entity of the United Nations Organization. The simulated court demands the presentation of two contradictory arguments, one for the complainant State and another for the respondent State. The course will focus on the investigation of one case, the drafting of memorials and the verbal argumentation in "mini-moots" this will be made frequently to benefit from the cooperation of former Jessup participants who will act as juries and co-trainers. In December, a final team of four persons will be selected, which will further compete in the national elimination sessions to be awarded with the national representation to participate in the contest in Washington. This contest considers both the written memorial and the verbal argumentation.




Urue?A Hernandez Rene