IIND-3221 Logística

The logistics course includes different conceptual elements related to Supply Chain management. The basic components of the Supply Chain (customer service, transport management and inventory management) are analyzed from a systemic and integrator viewpoint. Students acquireLogistics Management skills, because they study the components and basic processes from an optimal management of suppliers, resources and customers‘ perspective. Emphasis is made on the fact that the use of new information and communication technologies allows strengthening the efficiency of Logistics processes in the organization. Process integration models are studied, such the SCOR model, and logistics processes are modeled through the use of mathematical models in the transportation, supply chain strategic design and inventory topics. The analysis methodology includes workshops where the logistics reality is analyzed by studying Colombian companies‘ cases. In such regard, students are stimulated to use previous knowledge acquired in inventory models, forecast techniques, cost analyses, transport models, optimization and simulation techniques, among other topics.




Gutierrez Eliecer