IIND-4304 Cybernetics of Cybernetics

We constantly observe systems and establish differences among them, but have we reflected on the observer that observes these systems?  The Cybernetics of the Cybernetics course (CC) is an invitation to question ourselves: What are the properties of the observer we are? From the CC proposal, the observer and the observed are developed in a reciprocal manner.  In CC, participants, using the game as a learning tool, reaffirm themselves as observers.  This reaffirmation is established in the course from conceptual perspectives and emotional willingness. Reaffirming the observers who participates in a system allows stipulating the purpose itself and responding for its actions.  Consequently, the reaffirmation of the observer proposed in CC may also be seen as a management tool, by acknowledging that within organizations, this is just one of the observation positions present and that there is permanent interaction with other observations.  The observation perspectives and the arrangements in game spaces give room for the possibility of organizational intervention.




Bermeo Jose