ARQU-ARQU 1111 Composition Studio 1 (Taller de Composición 1)

The course presents an introduction to architectural project-thinking by means of exercises that include theoretical aspects as well as practical ones. We consider that project-thinking comprises the built world, i.e. habitable space and the ideas that make it possible. In this sense, and heeding the complexities this involves, our proposition is to take on this issue from three reciprocal sides:  1. The recognition, based on the observation of cases. 2. The questioning base on critical inquiry over the observations made. 3. Transformation, based on the development of proposals framed within specific contexts.

The course attempts to refer these three instances and thus, the habitable space, understood as the object of study and from which it is possible to think on the possible ways of inhabiting present in architecture. We could thus suppose, that habitable space results from the human necessity of sheltering and giving form to the rites of individual and collective life, but at the same time, it refers to the series of elements and material components created to build such spaces. This means that an unbreakable link exists between the will to shelter and give place and the materials means to realize it.