ARQU-ARQU 1301 Technical Workshop 1 (Taller Técnico I )

Being the first technical area course students take, it is important to show how architecture is an activity that in which many other professions partake, being the guiding thread capable of conceiving and materializing a project. With this idea in mind, the course aims to inspire the student’s inquisitiveness about the need of a structural system, the way in which it originates different architectural forms and how such structure and other components of a building can be brought about from a logical construction procedure. The objective is to act as an incentive to students’ curiosity and develop the interest towards the observation of phenomena and relate them to the basic principles of structural mechanics shown. The starting point is discovering the necessity of a structure: the fact of our presence on this planet implies a direct interaction on nature and our surroundings, whose first physical consequence is that of experimenting weight or a force of gravity.




Pinzon Latorre Andres