ARQU-ARQU 1552 Digital Tools (Herramientas Digitales)


When thinking of ideas and proposals, communicating is necessary. This verb demands the appearance of a common language that enables putting forth, on the same conceptual level, that which needs to be made visible and was previously inexistent. This happens, for example, in the fields of Architecture and Design, where making a project becomes a conceptual, creative and theoretical exercise with an intention of become material. In this moment, the graphical representation becomes the common language: the fundamental tool to understand and explain the given idea and how this could materialize in the real world. The evolution of representation techniques and technological evolution of its mediums have allowed that through history, humankind has been able to represent what is seen and thought.

Recently, the appearance of languages of digital representation have allowed ideas to become lines, points, planes and volumes. This historic moment is the referential frame for the Digital Tools course. Thus, this course will focus on the creation of eloquent graphics that communicate project ideas using digital programs. 




Rodriguez Munevar Alejandro