DERE-3905 School Exam

The exam consists of the solution of a complex legal problem, presented through a real case file. The School exam is divided in two parts. Written part. (legal concept of a file or a legal case). The School presents a file or a file or a legal case focusing on certain areas of Law. Students have five (5) weeks to analyze it. On the date and at the time established by the School, students will prepare, in the room defined by the school and under 6 hours, a legal concept based on one or more questions presented during the day. The legal concept must include, as least, the relevant facts, the identification of legal problems, legal considerations that include different positions on the problems, and specification of applicable legal sources. Oral part. The second part consists of the oral defense of the legal concept before a moot court composed of 3 tenured or part time professors of the School. The defense shall be: (i) public, (ii) formal, and (iii) shall take place in the hearings room of the School. In the oral part, the student must demonstrate command of the legal concepts and their application in the Colombian legal system. Regardless of the specific question answered during the written part, the court can ask about any aspect of the relevant legal problem and any of the lines of research the student was assigned to solve the case. The absence of relevant knowledge and supported by any basic legal concept present in the case shall entail the failure of the oral exam, as long as the court concurs.




Gutierrez Vivas Jorge