Engineering: Urban Water Systems Engineering Specialization

Degree Specialist in Urban Water Systems
Level Specialization
Duration 12 months
Number of credits 25
Class Schedule Mixed
Modality On-Campus Learning
SNIES Code 11457
Degree Specialist in Urban Water Systems



The program is conceived as a contribution to higher education and professional training in the following issues:

  • Advance technologies and methodologies to manage drinking water supply and basic sanitation areas.
  • Design, construction, operation, maintenance and monitoring of urban water systems, an integrated conception of all its components and sub-systems tending to a more rational management of the urban water resource.
  • Development of skills and generation of knowledge necessary to integrate the technical and scientific aspects involved.
  • Promotion and development of research topics to be carried out within the companies of the drinking water sector.
  • Introduction to the intensive use of information technologies and tools and development of a critical and reflective capacity over the existing processes and the various phenomena involved, along with the promotion of new alternatives.
  • Dissemination of the legal and institutional framework and its constructive aspects regarding drinking water and basic sanitation systems.

Study Plan

The specialization consists of 10 subjects, distributed along 3 semesters for a total of 368 class hours, equivalent to 22 credits.

Although conducting research works is not required for specialization programs, the conduction of a practical application is deemed important in order to complement and integrate the knowledge and topics presented during the program.

The general guidelines of the project shall be defined along with the students and the academic office. The office will determine the criteria upon which the work is based. Each student will present a proposal for the final project of Semester 2. This project shall be evaluated by the academic office, which will guide the student through the whole process and will define, along with each group, the general strategies to develop the project. The final project shall be defended at the end of the specialization in a open session for students and teachers.

Areas of Research or Concentration

  • Integrated management of water production and distribution systems.
  • Sewage collection.
  • Technical and administrative management of drinking water and basic sanitation systems.
  • Numeric and computer modeling of aqueduct and sewage networks.

Model Program

Semester 1



RHID-5111Network Hydraulics


RHID-5112Chemistry and Potabilization


RHID-5313Instrumentación y Control de Sistemas


Total Credit Hours:8

Semester 2

RHID-5214Biological Processes and Residual Water Treatment


RHID-5216Plants and Pumps


Total Credit Hours:5

Semester 3

RHID-5316Hidráulica del Drenaje Urbano


RHID-5317Legislación y Aspectos Constructivos


RHID-5318Subsurface Water


RHID-5320Water Quality Special Aspects


RHID-5521Proyecto Final


Total Credit Hours:9

Alumni Profile

The Objectives of the program are focused on training highly-skilled professionals capable of implementing an integrated and more rational management of water resources in the city. Professional updated in terms of technologies and methodologies and trained in managing computer tools geared to ease the application of the theoretical knowledge acquired.