HIST-2401B History of European Integration

The European Union, as conceived today, is one of the main actors in the current international scenario and constitutes a unique regional integration process in today´s world. In this regard, its study becomes relevant for people looking forward to understanding our world. To this end, the course studies, from a historical perspective, the process of European construction, to obtain the indispensable elements to understand its current functioning as an entity of regional integration and its future challenges. Why was the European Constitution rejected? How can this situation be explained from a historical perspective? How was managed the crisis derived from this rejection? Why some countries belong to the Euro zone and others do not? What implications has the recent expansion of the European Union to 27 countries? How can the process of European integration be construed and what is its purpose? What is the position of the European Union with regards to current global tensions? What does the European Union do in relation to the Colombian conflict? These and other set of questions can be posed about the European Union, which justifies the importance of its study.




Laurent Muriel