Architecture Department

In 1948, the Architecture Faculty of the Universidad de Los Andes was founded and since then, more than two thousand architects have graduated from it. At the end of 1996, after a process of self-evaluation and diagnosis of the curricular plan, a reform took place whose aims were built around the academic excellence of the undergraduate degree and the engagement of the urban subject. These objectives coincide clearly with those presented in the brief on the training at architecture schools, expressed during 1996 in Barcelona by UIA/UNESCO.

The strategies to achieve these goals were:

  • Strengthening interdisciplinary links.
  • Organizing the Study Plan along cycles.
  • Consolidating the Department’s commitment with the contents and teaching methods of each of the courses offered.
  • Guaranteeing the basic education and holistic training of the students.
  • Implementing electivity and the enrichment of the curricular plan.
  • Strengthening the impact of the Graduation Project within the department and the medium.
  • Promoting the study of urban and city topics.
  • Promoting investigation and publishing.
  • Conforming a body of teachers of the best quality.

Currently, the Department is integrated by 25 full-time teachers, and 49 lecturers.