MUSI-2212 Morfologia 1

Form and genre. Tension and release in the elements that form a piece. The musical form as design and tonal structure of a composition. Phrase: harmonic structure, cadences. Melodic structure: subdivisions (semi-phrase or sub phrase). The motif, constructive element. Development and augmentation of the phrase. Chain, group, period. Motif-theme relations. Harmonic structure. Resources for joining phrases. Analysis method for brief groupings. Micro and macro analysis. Parts of a form: criteria for division. Compositions of 1, 2, 3 and more parts. Ternary forms. Compound forms. Binary forms. Continuous, local, simple, baroque, circular. Criteria for differentiation between binary and ternary forms. Variation (form and principle of compositions). Continuous variations (over a cantus firmus) and sectional variations (theme with variations).



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