Anthropology Option


Many students of the Universidad de los Andes are interested in increasing their understanding of anthropology. They are interested in knowing more about how archaeologists work researching the past or would like to know about cultural diversity in Colombia. This situation has led to the need to provide students of the University with the possibility of formalizing their studies in anthropology in an effective manner, with certain continuity and coherence, in addition to a recognition of these studies by the University.


The objective of the Anthropology Option is to provide students who have chosen another discipline as their field of study with a broad, basic view of the main characteristics of anthropology, its object of study and the methodological approaches that characterize it.

Program Structure

Students must take 5 courses, equivalent to 15 credits, organized as follows: A mandatory introductory course in this discipline (3 credits), three elective courses from the Anthropology syllabus (9 credits) and to finish, choose between one advanced undergraduate seminar (3 credits) or a Research Project (3 credits) under the guidance of a professor from the Department.


Cursos Obligatorios

ANTR-1101Fundamentos de Antropologia


Cursos Electivos

ANTR-3190Trabajo de Opcion en Antropologia



  • The offer of seminars varies from one semester to another. Check with the Option Coordinator or the Academic Coordinator of the Department of Anthropology on the seminars that can be taken to complete the Option each semester.
  • Once a student’s application to take the Option has been accepted, he/she will go to the Option Coordinator or the Academic Coordinator of the Department of Anthropology for guidance on the best way to carry out the program.

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Contact Position: Coordinadora Académica de Pregrado

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