Computational Mathematics Option


Training in computer science is the most traditional variant among the recognized tendencies of computer training. This Option lays the foundations and reinforces relationships between computing and mathematics, which is the basis of its fundamentals. The purpose of this Option is to reinforce student`s knowledge of mathematics and computing in fundamental and applied aspects. This is meant to encourage collaboration, in teaching and research, between the two disciplines.


The specific objectives are:

  • Delve into the mathematical fundamentals of computing.
  • Develop an interest in the application of computational tools in mathematical problems.
  • Promote the participation of students and professors in the study and development of areas that require or apply mathematical and computational knowledge.

This Option is coordinated together with the Department of Mathematics.

Program Structure

The Computational Mathematics Option is a structured interdisciplinary Option with undergraduate courses in Computers and Systems Engineering and Mathematics. The course requirements that may be met to pass the Option depend on the student’s area of study. In addition, we would like to promote the development of different profiles through electivity when selecting courses from the sets of possibilities. The Option consists of five elective courses (15 credits) distributed in three blocks.

Cursos Electivos

Clarifications :

  • There are no mandatory courses. Option regulations are flexible and depend on the students’ area of study.
  • Option regulations in Computational Mathematics are framed within the regulation of options in force for the University. Therefore, the courses that students take to study this Option must be the elective courses of their area of study. This gives rise to specific treatment depending on the students’ area of study, particularly if they belong to the undergraduate program in Computers and Systems Engineering or Mathematics.
  • Further information: Rodrigo Cardoso Option Coordinator - Department of Computers and Systems Engineering E-mail: Maricarmen Martínez Option Coordinator - Department of Mathematics E-mail:




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Contact Position: Coordinador de la Opción - Depto . de Ingeniería de Sistemas

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