Academic Options

One Option consists of a set of courses valued between 15 and 18 credits that regular undergraduate students can take in a specific knowledge area and which gives a basic complementary education to their mandatory program. This Option can be offered by the same department in which students are registered or by other(s) academic unit(s).

Courses that conform the Options offered by the same department in which students are registered, cannot be part of the mandatory curriculum nor from the technical electives of the career.

However, in the case of interdisciplinary options, professional electives from the student´s curriculum, can be considered as part of the Option.

The Executive Committee has the duty of approving the Options, previous recommendation from the Academic Council, so as to guarantee that it provides students with a basic complementary education to that offered by their program.Considering the above statement, an Option distinguishes itself from other academic modalities as follows:


Consists of different development professional alternatives offered by certain careers, which are the backbone of the undergraduate program and, therefore, defines the student´s pensum. For this reason, since the beginning of the career, in some cases, or after completing the basic cycle, in others, students define their minor area. Once the student graduates, its concentration appears mentioned in the corresponding diploma.


Concentration is a set of professional electives taught by the department to which the students belong, which enables them to do in-depth studies regarding certain aspects of their own discipline. The concentration is accomplished during the last semesters of the career and it does not offer additional recognition at the time of graduation nor it determines its curriculum.