ARQU-2330 Sistemas de Construccion y Estimacion


This course is advanced on the recognition of technics as constructive processes as well as the topological procedures integrated into the architectural project. The student will acquire the theoretical, analytical and instrumental skills that enable him to confront the conceptual, material and technical definition of a project, in a conscientious, well-founded and rigorous manner.
Conscientious because the student will be capable of understating and designing architecture out of technical principles tied to constructive reality. Well-founded because the course enables reasoned ideas based on physical and technical principles for the construction of an architectural body. Rigorous because the student is sable to recognize the project as a system of integrative components and processes to be solved technically and topologically.

With the contents of the course based on the principles of conscientiousness, argumentation and rigour, and aided by the learning of technical software and simulators, the Constructive Systems course intends on becoming a group of skills and knowledge that allow the student to recognize, understand and apply the wisdom to the estimation and budgeting of an architectural Project.



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