HIST-2302B America Latina Siglo Xix

In this course on Latin America of the 19th century we will discuss 15 topics, each one in two sessions (corresponding to two lessons per week during 15 weeks). These topics have been arranged chronologically, but all of them have a topic-related definition. The course begins with a definition of the borbonic reforms in the Spanish Empire, both in the Iberic Peninsula and the Americas, and finishes with the Mexican Revolution, including a session on general geography and history of the Major and Minor Antilles. This is not a comprehensive course on History of Latin America, but a selective and topic-ranged one. It is expected that all sessions, including those referring to a single country, might be significant for the study of general history of Latin America. The set of fifteen sessions, each one of two parts, should be the basis for another course about the region during the 20th century and its current situation, as well as for a continuous study of the ideas and projects of what is known today as Latinamericanism.



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