Candidate profile

This program meets the expectations of young people from different contexts, interested in organization’s financial management, who project themselves in the future as strategists of financial information management and assurance through the accounting profession in an international environment.

To be admitted into the program it’s essential to accomplish two requirements : an academic requirement and a language requirement.

Academic requirement:

Colombian high school graduated candidates must apply with the “Saber Once” test (ICFES examination). The score must be higher than the minimum score stated for the cohort.

Students graduated abroad ( domestic or foreign) may do their admission application  with international school diplomas or international exams accepted by the university. This applies to all Uniandes degree candidates

Foreign language requirement:

Candidates for admission must meet the requirement of reading comprehension in English. You can fulfill the requirement through these international examinations: TOEFL (80/120 internet version), IELTS (6.5/9.0), CPE (level C). You can also comply with the requirement through the IB International Baccalaureate diploma (English A1 : 4 or higher; English A2, B, pilot B : 5 or higher), American high school diploma, AP English Language and Composition Exam (4.0/5.0) AP English Literature and Composition Exam (4.0/5.0)

Candidates who don’t have this certifications must fulfill the requirement through an admissions exam  developed by the Culture and Language Department of the Universidad de los Andes at the end of the application process, in a unique date.

Reading comprehension is an admission requirement to this program, not a classification requirement, as it is in other programs which process and dates are after the admission process. 



The UASM International accountant will:

• Be an integral and responsible professional, who contributes to the organization’s sustainable development.
• Be a qualified professional with sound criteria for financial information management and assurance.
• Have a critical point of view of the organization’s local and international environment.
• Be an effective participant in work teams.
•Be an effective communicator.


The program´s curriculum is designed under the International Education Standards for Accounting Education and it’s aligned with the requirements for obtaining international certifications. The pensum recognizes the contemporary work fields, best practices and research approaches of the best known Accounting undergraduate programs around the world.

 The values ​​on which the program is based are: value creation, internationalization and leadership. All of these are structured in the curriculum through our components Uniandes training, leadership, management vision , discipline and professional training. Some of the study areas of these components include financial and management accounting , finance , taxation , insurance , legal and economic aspects , information systems , organizational management , leadership and professional ethics.

The goal of these areas is to develop in the student integrative professional skills and a strong disciplinary training. The pensum includes an integration component and a professional judgment component that lies in the professional internships, accounting consultancy and in some other academic opportunities that are characterized by exposing the students to professional environments.

The program pays special attention to the development of professional judgment and ethical behavior, essential in the development of the accounting profession; As well as a great interest in training effective participants in  high organizational impact teams.

 The integral formation is complemented with courses in various disciplinary fields such as constitution and democracy, elective courses ( CLE ), free choice courses, socio- humanistic education (Uniandino Basic Cycle - CBU ) and Spanish writing (Type E courses).

The program offers courses taught in English in order to efficiently  promote the appropriation of contexts,
methodologies and practices of international business.


After finishing their first internship, students can choose , according to their interest , a ​​concentration area with the objective of consolidating, expanding and deepening any of the following fields:

Accounting : Provides the understanding and the recognition, accounting and valuation tools for organizational operations that are characterized by a greater degree of complexity or belonging to specialized industries or business sectors

Insurance: Provides the ability to understand and articulate the culture of risk management with practices to control and audit

Taxation: Allows to strengthen management tools and understanding the organization’s decisions impact about its structure and tax procedures in order to examine tax practices and propose tax planning processes.

Finance: Enables the understanding of financial management which includes the analysis of financial reports, financial instruments , capital markets (domestic and international) and resource management.












Graduate profile

The UASM International accountant has a encompassing education that enables him/her to work autonomously and ethically in different types of organizations, in different decision-making positions of the organization and in diverse areas of control, management and direction.

The vision for the year 2025 of global recognized high-level professionals of the Accounting profession is related to the following global trends that impact the accounting profession on a daily basis:


- Financial reporting processes and strategic - corporate risk management and sustainability processes.

- Tax management , assurance and compliance with legal , social and environmental obligations.

- Internal and external audit of financial information, fraud and forensic processes , in which the accountant is recognized for his/her objectivity and independence.

- Use, evaluation, assessment, design and management  of financial information systems.

The UASM International Accountant can also take the independent exercise of their profession to analyze and advise organizations on financial, tax and compliance aspects with international standards.

The evolution of the accounting profession must address emerging opportunities of specialization through diversified services to be offered and delivered locally and globally. New horizons are emerging for the development of the services required by SMEs (small -medium enterprises) , the specialization of the reports, the corporate governance support, the insurance, the overall fiscal and financial sustainability and the public sector , among others.